North Sails

Masters of wind and water, innovators of technology and pioneers of design. Our sails make champions and our apparel is cut from the same cloth. We harness nature’s power for adventure; we innovate taking advantage of the latest ideas and we help preserve the ocean for future generations.

North Sails was founded in 1957 by Lowell North, an American sailor and Olympic Gold Medallist. North was also an engineer, one who methodically focused on building sails that were faster than any competitor and over the years his legacy has lived on as the brand’s culture of innovation and exploration producing generations of patented products and race champions. Today Lowell North’s inspiration lives on North Sails Apparel, designed and developed so that consumers can focus on what’s important– taking on the sea or just navigating modern life. Since its founding in 1987, the brand combines a classic Italian design with the history and real heritage of the American brand.